Connect with Us & Help Make Our Vision a Reality in Metro Northwest Boston!

Are you 55+ years old and looking for your Third-Act game plan?

Are you wondering -- Where will I live as I age and need help?

Are the conventional housing options less than appealing?

What if...

Imagine living in your own right-sized home in a safe, accessible neighborhood where people know and care about each other. A place with as much privacy and as much community as you want.

Imagine a large shared courtyard or central gardens where you and your neighbors cross paths every day. And a common house with a big kitchen and dining room, where you cook and eat together a few times a week. 

Imagine living in neighborhood that you and your neighbors actually help design, a place that meets the changing physical and social needs of older adults, a place where you have a voice in what goes on and where you remain independent and in control of your life as long as possible.

Imagine an old-fashioned neighborhood where you can age with dignity, independence and fun.

This is senior cohousing, and this is our vision.

Who We Are

We are a group of pioneering older adults living in Metro North Boston who are working to build the FIRST senior cohousing community in New England!  To learn what we envision, click on "Our Vision."

Join Us!

Here are your first steps:  

  1. Read about cohousing at the Cohousing Association of America at

  2. Read The Senior Cohousing Handbook by Charles Durrett (order from your library or local independent bookstore).    

  3. Contact us to arrange a phone chat and meet for coffee.