We're Making
Senior Cohousing a Reality
in Metro Northwest Boston!

Are you 55+ and looking for a game plan for your Third Act? Looking for a more reliable and close-at-hand social support network? Looking to downsize to a more affordable and accessible home? Are the conventional options less than appealing?


Imagine living in a your own cozy, cottage-style home in a safe and accessible neighborhood, where neighbors know and care about each other.

Imagine living in a neighborhood of small, eco-friendly homes clustered along a gardened pedestrian path. Imagine that path leads to a big common house with many amenities, including a large kitchen and a Great Room, where you and your neighbors regularly cook and eat together and hold seasonal celebrations.

Imagine a place where you have as much privacy and as much community as you want--just by walking out your front door. And where there are always peers around who share your values and life experience and are looking to connect, do things, or have fun.

Imagine a place where you have an equal voice in running things and a meaningful role in the life of the community. Where you can be  independent and in control of your life as long as possible.

Who We Are

We are a group of 13 households in Metro Northwest Boston working to build New England's first senior cohousing neighborhood. We have engaged Katie McCamant of Cohousing Solutions, Inc., the nation's pre-eminent cohousing development consultant, to guide us. And in July 2018, we partnered with developer Matthew Blackham, who is searching for land and who will be our project manager and take us through construction.

Your Next Step

To learn more and determine if ours might be your ideal future neighborhood, take our short SURVEY OF INTEREST by clicking here survey of interest.