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We are a group of twelve households in Metro Northwest Boston. Among us are an electrical engineering consultant; a former academic writer, editor and grant writer; a project manager for high tech companies; the owner of a garden design and maintenance company; a former resident at Kripalu Institute for Yoga & Health, and former university career counselor.

Our passions/interests include hiking, rowing, biking, swimming, canoeing, quilting, playing classical harp, choral singing, English pub singing, contra dancing, home cooking and craft cooking, growing vegetables and flowers, yoga/meditation, and working on vintage cars and scooters.

The groundwork for our project was laid in 2016 by founders Victoria Thatcher and Mayhew Seavey, residents of Belmont, Mass.  By January 2017, we had formed an LLC and a core group that met regularly. In September 2017, we hired Katie McCamant (Cohousing Solutions, Inc.), the preeminent cohousing development consultant in North America, who is guiding our journey. In July 2018, we partnered with developer Matthew Blackham, who is searching for land and who will act as our project manager and take us through construction. We are moving forward with growing our group, member commitments, site search, engaging professionals, getting training in Dynamic Governance, and growing our group identity and connections.  

We are looking for people to join us in this exciting journey!