Help Make Senior Cohousing a Reality in Metro North/West Boston!

Thinking About Your Third Act?

Are you over 50 and looking for your Third-Act game plan?

Where will you live as you age and need help?

Are the conventional housing options less than appealing?

We are a group of 55+ adults living in Metro North/West Boston working to build the FIRST senior cohousing neighborhood in New England.

We're currently looking for a site in or near Acton and Maynard, Massachusetts.  

Senior cohousing is a unique housing model that brings older adults together to imagine and design small communities that are values driven, sustainable, convenient, diverse, economical, interesting, supportive...and fun!


Imagine living in your own energy-efficient, cottage-style home that, along with your neighbors' dwellings, faces onto a central pedestrian path and gardens. 

Imagine living in a neighborhood...

  • Where people know and care about each other
  • Where it's safe and accessible
  • Where you have as much privacy and as much community as you want
  • Where there's a large common house with extensive amenities, including a big kitchen and dining room where you and your neighbors often cook and eat together
  • Where you have a voice in what goes on, and a role in the life of the community, no matter how old you are
  • Where you can remain independent and in control of your life as long as possible
  • And where if you're lonely or bored, all you have to do is step out your front door to find any number of neighbors who share your life experience and are looking to connect and have fun

We Envision...

We envision a beautiful cottage-style neighborhood of 20 - 30 clustered dwellings with porches and gardens facing onto a central pedestrian path and a large community house with extensive amenities, including guest rooms, work & leisure spaces, and a large kitchen and dining room for community meals whenever we feel like it. 

To Find Out More

  1. Learn about cohousing by visiting the Cohousing Association of America at Also read The Senior Cohousing Handbook by Charles Durrett, which will answer many of your questions.   

  2. After boning up, contact us to arrange a phone chat.

  3. And please take our survey of interest so that we have a better idea of your knowledge and interest in cohousing.