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To learn more & get involved

Step 1: Educate yourself about cohousing! Read, for example, Creating Cohousing (Durrett and McCamant) and in particular The Senior Cohousing Handbook (Durrett), both available at many libraries. The latter is the only book in English on this subject, and we consider it a must-read.

Also search videos about cohousing on YouTube. And check out the Cohousing Association of America at

Step 2: Get on our mailing list (see Contact Us) to receive our monthly e-newsletter, which has project updates as well as articles and videos related to senior cohousing. This will also get you announcements about our our information sessions, which are usually held monthly.

Step 3: Take our short SURVEY OF INTEREST by clicking here survey of interest.      

Step 4: Attend one of our (usually monthly) information sessions. Attendance at these session is robust (between 30 - 50 attendees at each event). The program consists of a slideshow about senior cohousing and our project, followed by Q&A and refreshments. The second half features facilitated small-group conversations followed by a whole-group discussion. This is a unique and wonderful opportunity not only to explore the idea of cohousing, but to connect in a meaningful way with peers who are grappling with the same questions and issues you are related to aging in place and in community.