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To learn more and get involved:

Read up on cohousing! Check out the Cohousing Association of America at 

We consider The Senior Cohousing Handbook by Charles Durrett essential reading for anyone interested in our project. This is the only book on this topic and every page is relevant to what we are doing. 

Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey of interest, so that we have an idea of your knowledge of and interest in cohousing and our project.    

Finally,  contact us to arrange a phone chat and meet for coffee. If you're still interested, we'll arrange for you to attend one of our meetings.


We currently have two levels of participation - Visitor and Associate.

Visitors may attend meetings as silent observers. After attending two meetings, you may participate in discussions, but not in decision making.  Visitors are also invited to attend our social gatherings.

Associates make a financial commitment to Middlesex Senior Cohousing. They attend business and social meetings and have a voice in making decisions.